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Monday, December 27

Pressed pigments

Problem with pressing - I have pans, I have pigments - but not enough palettes! So I turned one old CD case into a palette: it's flimsy and will scratch terribly but until I get decent ones it'll have to do. You will not believe the trouble I had finding adhesive magnets for this thingy! I had to get it from Helsinki, a craft shop from Jumbo. One small A6 sheet cost me close to 4 euros.

Anyway, here's the pretty (it'll get bigger once you click on it):

Left to right: 1st row: Sparkling Violet (C), Apple Green Pop!, Pure Purple, Fine White
2nd row: Black Amethyst, Indian Blue, Hot Mama, Angel Wings
3rd row: Blackstar Red, Patagonian Purple, Grape Parfait, Apricot
4th row: Blackest Black Matte Tone, Blackstar Blue, Mauve Satin (C), Merlot Gold (C)
*C means The Conservatorie, rest are TKB Trading's pigments
I've made the majority of them for someone else, six in the lower left corner are my own. I'm still puzzled by the pressed pigments - I put the exact same amount (volume) of pigments in each, mixed it with press base and pressed - and the pans are filled differently. Hot Mama (you'll recognize it from the pic, I'm sure) shrank the most while Fine White filled the pan abundantly.
artificial light, featuring some different colors 

CD kaantest saab paleti teha küll aga see on üks nõrk ja väsind asi, või vähemalt saab seda paari kuu pärast olema : plastik kriipub ära ning läheb koledaks, samuti kipuvad need kaant kinni hoidvad nagad murduma. Aga hädaabinõuna käib kah. 
Lauvärvide pressimine ise on kaunis räpane töö - laud pulbriga kaetud, segamiseks kasutatud tikud ja lusikad kördiga koos - mida oksiidirikkamad pigmendid, seda jubedam. Ja seekord pressisin veel neist kõige hirmsamat - puhast musta raudoksiidi tsipakese ultramariinsinisega. Seda on nahaltki raske kätte saada, ka lauvärvina kasutamisel oleks parem, kui meigialuskreemid jms kenasti krundiks oleksid. 


CopyCat said...

I'M making my own palette..
I bought a unmagnetized palette and I'll turn it into a magnetized one.
I will make a video about it
but you can find MANY on YT... but a cheap palette on ebay and buy magnetized paper/foil and have tin pots... in short... there are a few excellent youtube videos I will make my own :D

CopyCat said...

but a cheap .... = buy a cheap ....

LiisK said...

I thought about it - the cheap 4 USD empty palettes from e-bay. But then decided I'm better off with already magnetized palettes with StarsMakeupHaven - they had a 20% off sale recently and I took advantage of it. 4 of the 28-slot palettes are on their way but I needed something sooner. Getting the magnetized sticky paper is the most difficult thing - there's only one place here where they sell it and the price is simply outrageous :S

s2001 said...

can the blackest black be used as an eyeliner (mixing with max or glycerine and water misture) in powder form or is it better to press it and then use it as eyeliner.