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Sunday, May 9

The TKB sparklies I'll probably never swatch

Too many of them and they all look the same, just different color sparkles.

Päris palju on ka igasuguseid sädelevaid pigmente: Hilites on läikega, Starlight on mõõdukas sädelus ning Sparks! on täitsa bling-bling (näpu all veidi kore katsuda, kristallid on päris suure struktuuriga). Kõiki toone eraldi välja tuua ei viitsinud, tegin pilti vaid kuldsetest sädelustest.

List of available TKB colors for the blogsale

I had serious trouble grouping them... So they are now grouped by color group and name. I also marked the ingredients, so that vegans can avoid carmine (red color made of bugs) and purists the non-mmu stuff (lake dyes, even some parabens). Please do not use the stuff marked "not lips" on lips cause they contain either ferric ferrocyanide or chromium oxide green.
I have marked down the initials of the people who have already sent their orders. Two helpings can be made of colors marked as tablespoon (tbs) sized (maybe even 3 if I cannot use the color (namely the blues)) but only one can be made of the teaspoon (tsp) samples.

Siin on kõik mu TKB toonid: tabelisse kandsin ka üldise info koostisosade kohta. Sorteeritud värvigruppide kaupa. Suurused on erinevad, suurem osa on suuremas suuruses kuid mõnedest toonidest annab teha vaid ühe purgi (metallikud, Travel to... sari, Sparks!, osad sodiaagivärvid).

No Color Pigment Size Ingredients 1. 2.
1 beige Apricot Mica  tbs carmine

2 beige Artisan Coral  tbs carmine

3 beige Dusty Rose  tbs

4 beige Echo  tbs

5 beige Ivory Lace Mica tbs
6 beige Oriental Beige  tbs

7 beige Zodiac:  Virgo tsp

8 black Black Mica   tbs

9 black Blackest Black Matte Tone  tbs not lips

10 black Blackstar Blue  tbs

11 black Blackstar Red  tbs

12 blue Blueberry Pop tbs

13 blue Edda’s Got Attitude set: Totally Teal tbs

14 blue Ferric Ferrocyanide tbs

15 blue Indian Blue tbs not lips S.
16 blue Ocean Green tbs not lips JJ
17 blue Zodiac: Capricorn Sea  tsp glycidoxphenol propane/ bisamino-methyl-norbornane copolymer, not lips
18 blue Zodiac: Pisces Blue tbs not lips JJ
19 copper-brown Antique Copper  tbs

20 copper-brown Australian Amber  tbs

21 copper-brown Bronze Fine  tbs

22 copper-brown Bronze Mica  tbs

23 copper-brown Bronzed Gold  tbs

24 copper-brown Brown Oxide Opps  tbs

25 copper-brown Copper Penny tbs

26 copper-brown Dark Brown Oxide  tbs

27 copper-brown Moon Stone Mica  tbs

28 copper-brown Swiss Chocolate Mica  tbs

29 gold-yellow 24K gold  tbs
30 gold-yellow Lemon Drop Pop tbs

31 gold-yellow Mermaid’s gold tbs
32 gold-yellow Metallic Collection Crucible Gold tsp

33 gold-yellow Metallic Collection Crucible Khaki tsp

34 gold-yellow Metallic Collection Forged Gold tsp

35 gold-yellow Ochre Oxide  tbs

36 gold-yellow pop! Collection Lemon drop tbs
37 gold-yellow Radiant Gold  tbs

38 gold-yellow Satin Orange Gold tbs

39 gold-yellow Tangerine Pop tbs

40 gold-yellow Verdigris Gold Mica  tbs

41 gold-yellow Yellow Oxide  tbs

42 gray Antique Silver  tbs
43 gray Metallic White tbs

44 gray Storm tbs
45 green After Twilight  tbs not lips

46 green Apple Green Pop tbs

47 green Breath of Spring tbs not lips JJ
48 green China Jade tbs not lips

49 green Chromium Oxide Green  tbs not lips

50 green Cyprus Green tbs
51 green Edda’s Got Attitude set: Lotsa Lime tbs

52 green Glimmer Green  tbs not lips

53 green Green Apple tbs parabens, lakes, not lips JJ
54 green Irish Eye Dublin tbs parabens, lakes
55 green Irish Eye Limerick tbs

56 green Irish Eye Lucky Green tbs parabens, lakes
57 green Pennsylvania Green tbs not lips JJ
58 green Shamrock Green tbs not lips JJ Kr.
59 green Zodiac:  Aquarius Mica  tbs not lips

60 green Zodiac: Taurus Orion  tsp glycidoxphenol propane/ bisamino-methyl-norbornane copolymer, lips no
61 green Twilight Green tbs
62 lilac-purple Aster Hue tbs carmine, not lips
63 lilac-purple Athena Mica  tbs carmine

64 lilac-purple Bishop's Violet  tbs carmine

65 lilac-purple Black Amethyst Mica  tbs carmine

66 lilac-purple Edda’s Got Attitude set: Pure Purple tbs

67 lilac-purple Grape Parfait  tbs carmine, not lips
68 lilac-purple Grape Pop tbs

69 lilac-purple Patagonian Purple   tbs not lips

70 lilac-purple Smokey XXX  tbs

71 lilac-purple Zodiac: Cancerian Heat tsp glycidoxphenol propane/ bisamino-methyl-norbornane copolymer, lake#2
72 lilac-purple Zodiac: Sagittaire tsp glycidoxphenol propane/ bisamino-methyl-norbornane copolymer, lake#2
73 pink-red Angel Wings  tbs carmine

74 pink-red Apple Blossom  tbs carmine

75 pink-red Chameleon fine tbs
89 pink-red Deep Russet tbs

76 pink-red Foliage tbs

77 pink-red Garnet Mica tbs carmine

78 pink-red Hot Mama   tbs

79 pink-red Metallic Collection Crucible Red tsp

80 pink-red Paris Pink Matte Tone  tbs not lips

81 pink-red Pink Crystal  tbs

82 pink-red Raspberry Pop tbs

83 pink-red Red Oxide 170 tbs

84 pink-red Strawberry Pop tbs

85 pink-red Zodiac: Gemini tbs carmine, lake dyes
86 pink-red Zodiac: Scorpio the Eight tbs

87 pink-red Ultramarine Pink  tbs not lips

88 pink-red WinterRose Mica  tbs

90 white Hilite Blue tbs

91 white Hilite Copper tbs

92 white Hilite Gold tbs

93 white Hilite Green tbs

94 white Hilite Orange tbs

95 white Hilite Red tbs

96 white Hilite Violet tbs

97 white Satin Pearl aka Fine White Mica tbs

98 white Satin White tbs
99 white Sparkle tbs

100 white Sparkle Turquoise tbs

101 white Sparkle Violet tbs

102 white Sparks! Aqua tsp

103 white Sparks! Blue tsp

104 white Sparks! Copper tsp

105 white Sparks! Gold tsp

106 white Sparks! Green tsp

107 white Sparks! Purple tsp

108 white Sparks! Red tsp

109 white Sparks!Noble Silver tsp

110 white Starlight Blue tbs

111 white Starlight Gold tbs

112 white Starlight Green tbs

113 white Travel to Earth tsp

114 white Travel to Jupiter tsp

115 white Travel to Mars tsp

116 white Travel to Mercury tsp

117 white Travel to Neptune tsp

118 white Travel to Pluto tsp

119 white Travel to Venus tsp

I have also listed some oxides but please bare in mind - they would be better to use when mixed with some other base, they are very intensive and their consistency is not pleasant to work with - too gritty.

Saturday, May 8

EOTD Virgo again

Stuff used today:

TKB'S Virgo in inner corners (unfortunately the molten metal effect is not visible on the photos), The Conservatorie's Brown Cocoa in outer corners, LilyLolo's Warm Peach as foundie, TKB's Gemini as blush, ELF's liquid eye liner in brown on upper lashline. All applied dry. Picture taken 4 hrs after application, in daylight.

For the last couple of days I have been using TKB Trading's organic Jojoba oil as moisturizer, so far no ill effects, skin feels nice and seems to like the treatment. Last week has been very nice for me especially haul-wise: TKB, ELF and EDM all arrived. Only unpleasant thing about it is - my ELF Studio line brush set did not :S. They sent it to me now which means more waiting. I was also very lucky in obtaining 2 LilyLolo foundi samples and some medium EDM samples which were so lacking from my collection. Most of my friends are not as pale and my collection did not have many darker samples.

Seekord ei tellinud ma ELFi mitte otse eestisse vaid lasin sõbral Ameerikast siia saata. Tõenäoliselt saadetakse tema aadressil ka mu puuduolev pintslikomplekt.

Wednesday, May 5

EOTD TKB's Virgo eyeswatch

Here's an eye swatch from yesterday featuring TKB's Virgo, cool beige metallic, destined to be very versatile and wearable. I used it dry without primer and it took 6 hours and a sauna(!) to crease. A pure mineral mixture, this one. Teaspoon sample.

Today it was the Cancerian Heat - a marvellous brownish purple color based on dark red. I cant really describe it, to me it seems it has tiny-tiny sparkles of every color and some golden sheen. I think that this color could be based on the Crucible Red pigment.  I applied the same color wet as liner. This is one of those colors that can be used mono but look as if someone's been very hard at picking colors and blending them away to get a flawless look. Please ignore the fallout under the right eye.
I was a bit wary when I put it in the shopping cart but I really like this one.  Cancerian Heat is not pure MMU pigment, it contains a lake dye called Black #2 and something called glycidoxphenol propane/ bisaminomethylnorbornane copolymer. This here is the only Zodiac color containing this ingredient that DOES stick to the lid surface. As one may recall Sagittaire, Taurus Orion and Capricorn Sea fail to do so.

I also used Gemini as blush but somehow it's invisible on both pics (slight golden pink irl). Gemini is an ordinary blush, not pure MMU at all - containing parabens, lake dyes and bismuth oxychloride - your basic everyday blush sold on in every shop. It's supposedly the dupe for the famous Nars Orgasm but I cannot confirm as never owned one. This product is ready mixed to be pressed.

Tuesday, May 4

Our hugeish ELF & EDM combined haul has arrived

...and I'll get my hands on the stuff on Friday

When I was away...

... a wonderful packet arrived from TKB. Not all colors are mine and one of the ordered colors was missing from the order, Coral Reef Blue did not make it to Estonia (got a refund).

Swatches are done wet, no base.

New ones are:

Gemini - TKB's dupe of Nars' Orgasm blush - very nice in person (this, Aquarius and Virgo methinks are the only usable (by me) colors of the Zodiac set, I'm not so sure about Scorpio the Eighth or Cancerian Heat yet - too soon to tell; also have not had the opportunity to try Lovely Leo or Aries (Aries was released in May));
Foliage - interesting a bit brownish color, light pinkish sheen;
Scorpio the Eighth - base is orangeish reddish brown and a blueish gleam on top;
Cancerian Heat - dark red with pink sheen, could also be described as brownish purple;
Virgo - like molten metal, very nice on the lids, a neutral must-have;
Bronce Basics - reminds me of Bronze Fine, intensive and more oreangeish bronze color that does not fade;
Zion Views - sheer gold with greenish tint, I gave this one away cause it looked just like one of the Conservatorie's color Xian Vistas. Too bad that I did not think of comparing it with Mermaid's Gold first;
Colorona Blue - warmish kind of a blue, slight golden sheen in it, one of the more wearable TKB blues;
Libra Blues - to me it's dark matte blue with purplish sheen, a total no-go for me.
Gold Reflecks - glitter, large particles, needs a sticky base - otherwise sheer and very effective. Recommended use as a body glitter.

The other pic is of the same colors some 10 hours later 
(remember it's still cold here and therefore I wear long sleeves): 
The undertones of each show better when the sparkly stuff and sheens have faded away.

I also got the jojoba oil sample, the pressing kits and pans and a lot of 5 gr per volume jars for the blogsale.

Alumine pilt on huvitav selle poolest, et näitab pigmentide intensiivsust. Selline nägi mu käsi välja  järgmisel hommikul... väga vähesed olid täiesti maha kulunud.

Monday, May 3

Rodina nepavtarimaja...

(translation of the headline is somewhere on the lines - "Russia, the one and only")
I really have not told you about my home town yet... it's so lovely! Small - only 500 000 inhabitants, not many people - lots of room for everyone, air is breathable,  the architecture is nice and although  I used to think our city planners are a bunch of wahooneys they're actually quite nice hard working people,  traffic jams are rare, shops are good and well supplied, all sorts of officials helpful and polite, streets clean and spitting on the street is becoming increasingly rare... I love Tallinn!

(I've just come from Moscow)

This is a typical banlieue house - the type most inhabitants in Moscow live in. The yellow pipe is the main gas pipe (could be a usual sight for ppl from the UK, they also have pipes outside the house), first floor apartments are usually converted into tiny shops and the balconies are generally a mess, used as storage space (note the skies and sledges hanging from the house wall).

The city center holds some gems too - I liked the new high-rise buildings (and at the same time wondered about the thought capacity of city planners cause on that spot the parking was already pure hell, people park in 3 rows, on the sides of highway etc - where are the people working in those towers going to keep their cars? and trust me, people working in THOSE buildings will not be caught riding the metro while alive and kicking).
(note the small square box-housing on the first picture - that's where the builders live)

Novoi Arbat (one of the main streets in the center of the city) in daylight (in the nighttime it's not as bad) is a total nightmare (moscovites themselves are in uproar cause of it's ugliness - beautiful old buildings were destroyed in the 70s and replaced with "progressive" concrete architecture seen below):
I did not see many representatives of my favorite style: art deco and funk... :S They were usually overcast by horrible monstrosities built nearby. Or maybe I just did not get to see those proper streets. It was actually very sad - lots of pretty buildings were looking quite shabby. The following pics are taken in the city center:
Some more beauties: first the GUM (a famous large store built in the 1800s - amazingly gorgeous and holds every luxury brand ever made). It's a large rectangular complex, 3 stories high and consisting of 3 parallel galleries.Unfortunately I did not take any pics of the outside, it's one of the prettiest buildings on red square. Mausoleum ranks second, imho. Red brick constructions look rather tacky to me.
Russians can build some pretty nice pieces of state architecture too as this house of parliament proves:
I also like the stalinist style buildings and I must say - after Stalin the public architecture in Soviet union went straight to shit (with very, very few exceptions). Example of Stalin era architecture here:
The city reminds me of a big village... and I think it looks like an asian city. The further one moves from the center the more asian people one meets - the janitors, builders and salespersons are predominantly asian: uzbek, kazakh - I don't think Russia's capitol looks particularly European.

All the "normal" shops are either huge malls or the boutiques in the city center, the food stores  near the housing areas in the city edges look like "hell no - I wont buy my food here." Usually it's a big concrete house with the first floor apartments converted into a shop. The soviet time shop buildings are often converted into a mini-market and house little stalls, people selling pottery, ham and plumbing stuff just half a meter apart from each other. What makes it funny is the fact, that outside the sign says "Fresh bread every day!" - in the old times, it apparently used to be a decent sized bread shop.

A typical fugly appartment building: