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Monday, January 18

EOTD Plummy Pink

This weekend was busy and fun – went to the country. Winter wonderland continues still… Tried to do some EOTD’s during last week too but I was so disappointed with the results that I did not want to post them. The problem is the lack of light in the morning – and what seems ok in the early morning is not so ok later on in  daylight.
During the weekend I decided to play some with my piggies: Smokey XXX has a lot of black iron oxide as base and when one smudges it (instead of patting it on) it becomes dark murky gray and looses it’s pink sheen.  So I mixed it with the TKB Trading eye shadow base (white), added some Raspberry, Paris Pink  and Travel to Mars. Result is matte dark plummy pink with the slightest red sheen.  Goes well with my dark pink office suite too.

On the pics: Conservatorie's Caramel light in Deluxe as foundi
EDM's Pearl Sunlight under the eyes
"Winter Sunset" as I call it all over lid and
Paris Pink diluted with TKB eyeshadow base as blush.


Sagu said...

That's such a lovely shade! Maybe I should order some piggies from TKB too :)

Siilike said...

U totally should
The main reason being - they're pretty and at the same time cheap;
secondly - you learn to understand immediately when someone is trying to sell repackaged mica;
thirdly - endless DIY possibilities...

And the plain fact that you just can - adds a lot to the appeal... I should start looking for a buddy in Finland or US to ship my purchases to me as "gift" cause the taxes added to any purchase (from outside EU) over 22 EUR are outrageous.

Sagu said...

The taxes are insane there! Here in Finland we can order up to 45 euros from outside EU, and if it's over 45 eur, we have to pay tax (it's 12% if I remember correctly). I could be your buddy in Finland :)

Siilike said...

Hehee - I just might take you up on that offer when I feel the urge to shop again

JJ said...

Ploom? Ei ole ploom, see on lavendel minu ekraani kohaselt;) Ilus.

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Oh, very pretty! I need to order from TKB soon again :D