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Friday, January 22

EOTD Brown: Oriental Beige and Australian Amber

Oriental Beige has wonderful coverage and applies well, it's a color that will go well with others cause it reminds my skin-color (ok, it reminds my skin color after I have applied the foundi - Conservatorie's Caramel Light).

Colors used here are:
Oriental Beige in inner corners
Australian Amber (which I do not fancy that much - don't know why) in outer corners and wet as liner
Satin Orange Gold as highlighter
and I think I put something light as lower liner (dry) but it does not show anyway.Probably the Satin Orange Gold there too.
EDM's Pearl Sunlight under the eyes to brighten them up.

Foundi is The Conservatorie's Caramel Light in Deluxe (the cheapest mix) which by the way is getting too dark for my skin. The remains of the summer "tan" have worn off my face and now it's time to return to EDM's fairest foundies. Difference between neck color and face are becoming more noticeable with every passing day.

Judging from the color of my neck I could have been screened in the Avatar movie using minimal amount of makeup :D.

And these are my nails of the other day - simple clear nailpolish with TKB's Apricot. It's a rather sheer, a bit orangeish gold. High sheen and pretty but not really my color. One coat.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Väga-väga ilus! Australian Amber oli mul lausa märkmikusse ülesse kirjutatud (mulle imponeerivad sellised pronksised toonid miskipärast), et selle pean tellima TKB-st.:) Ju ma kunagi tellin ka, aga praegu võtsid need käibemaksumuutused hoogu maha.